Words to Describe Your Characters: The NFs

woman reading a book on a park benchCPP Blog Central has posted a series on words associated with each MBTI personality type. If you’re an author, and you know your characters’ MBTI types, these articles are a great resource to generate ideas on how to describe them. Or, if you don’t know the character’s type, these lists might help you figure it out!

The NF types (Idealists) share several words in common, such as creative, compassionate, and caring. For more specific descriptions for each type, check out each individual article:

Are there any words you would add to these lists to describe the types?

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One thought on “Words to Describe Your Characters: The NFs

  1. I’ve been MBTI-ed repeatedly over the years often by the copioratrons by which I was employed. Test results have teeter-tottered between INTJ and INFJ, but the past three or four passes have come up INFJ, so I think I’ll stick with that. Dominant: Introverted IntuitionAuxilliary: Extraverted FeelingTertiary: Introverted ThinkingInferior: Extraverted SensingKinda pointless to argue the validity of the analysis for the most part, it describes me rather well I *am* systematic and intuitive. I *do* define and refine my priorities, but operate on an intuitive basis that is entirely spontaneous Suselogic.Dunno how uncanny my insight into people and situations is situational analysis is as much a skill as an art or a gift , and if one perceives without prejudice, the moment (or person) will very often reveal itself. I have learned to trust my instincts I don’t believe in a 6th sense, but if I let the standard 5 do their bits, I’m usually good. To borrow from Malcolm Gladwell, I blink . A lot.

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