Personality Websites

Free Online Typology Assessment
Jung Typology Test at

Myers-Briggs Official Sites
The Myers & Briggs Foundation
MBTI page at
Center for Applications of Psychological Types (CAPT)
Association for Psychological Type International (APTi)

Keirsey Sites
Keirsey Temperament Website
Keirsey Personality Zone

Other Sites

BestFitType (Linda V. Behrens) (Paul D. Tiegers)

Personality Page

One thought on “Personality Websites

  1. INFJ’s rock grilfriend! I took that test when I was 30 while wnokirg in Telecom. It’s pretty cool. I can’t remember my percentages, but I seem to think the I and the E were pretty split. I’m also a Sanguine/Melancholy according to another test I did at a retreat 10 years ago. It just boils down to I love being around people, but it’s solitude that feeds me. I need to be careful not to isolate myself. I’m sure that’s part of what they told you.The boxes are preferences, not limitations. And that’s a good thing,

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