Women’s Fiction

Coronado Beach

Tragedy ripped them apart the first time. Will she risk a second chance at love?

Painful memories…
When her wealthy and charismatic ex-husband, Alex Kent, moves back home to San Diego, tenacious journalist Tara Fields fights the magnetic passion still sparking between them. He’s no longer the cocky, controlling man she remembers, but she’s afraid of jeopardizing her identity and new-found freedom.

Desperate moments…
Struggling with survival guilt, she pushes him away—until another woman enters the picture. Now, Tara has to choose. Can she bear to lose Alex forever, or will she find the strength to open her heart again?

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Book cover of Star Struck, featuring a happy young couple gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Star Struck

An introverted author falls for a B-list actor, and his skyrocketing fame transforms their lives.

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